Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Christmas Season

I L-O-V-E the Christmas Season. It is such a wonderful time of year, and time to appreciate everything in life, especially family.

We took our annual trip up to the south hills to see the Christmas light display and feed the camel some carrots. Brody was super excited, especially for the camel, and Braylee stayed bundled while staring at all the lights.

I lost my camera for a while, so after I found it, I kinda went a little camera crazy running around snapping pictures every where ;)\

We made our first ever ginger bread house to kick of the season :) It turned out pretty cute if I do say so :)

Then we had our ward Christmas party, and I think the pictures fully explain how the kids felt about Santa......

We also got some time to go down to Salt Lake and visit Grandpa, and also travel to Nephi to see Derek's Brother Cade and his family. I love visiting family, and wish they were closer!

My pride and joys:

And the walking machine.....!!!

at 13 months and counting....LOOK at THIS girls HAIR!!! YIKES!

Friday, December 30, 2011

We've got a cruiser!!

Braylee Jade started walking at exactly 13 months. She was so different than Brody. When Brody started walking, it seemed like if he fell, he would get a little timid for a while. Not the little Ms. She would just get back up and go!!!

She never crawls now. She LOVES to walk... LOVES it. She is still pretty tiny, so when I let her down in the stores to roam, she has people gawking over her from all over saying how tiny she is :) She definitely doesn't look big enough to walk.. But has LOADs of hair, enough to be a 2 year old ;)


Date Night

A couple weeks ago, while Grandpa was in town, Brody and Daddy decided to take Mom on a much needed date night :) I couldnt imagine 2 more perfect boys to spend the evening with! <3

Some random little fun times I'd like to remember :)

This is Braylee's first ice cream cone by herself. SHE LOVED it and we thought it was adorable how she smashed it in her face :)

So this picture isnt very good at all, but worth remembering for sure! One night while I was gone, Brody and Derek wanted to watch the Boise State football game. Everytime they do, they have to get in their 'football' shorts, shirts, and shoes.... This time, they didnt wanna leave Braylee out, so she joined in, barrowing a few clothes from her brother ;)

Brody's favorite store is the "animal store", AKA Sportsman's Warehouse. He loves to go there, push around the kiddie karts and look at all the "Boy & Daddy stuff." So we go quite often and never leave without trying on these hats ;)

Little Braylee has turned into quite the mischevious little thing lately. She'll dump, pull out, and intentional spill anything in her sight :)

She also LOVES to be outside. Loves bikes, and anything dirty :/...... I dont know how I got that kinda girl, but I did!

Brody's 1st Dentist Experience

My good friend Kara was super kind enough to talk Mr. Brody into letting her "count" his teeth. She informed me that our little sugar boy, might have a few "sugar bugs" living in his teeth. So I was able to convince him that we needed to go to the dentist to have him get em out :)!

I felt like such a bummer of a mom, but the dentist assured me I wasn't :) He has a few "sugar bugs" to get out, which is going to be a bigger process than I expected, but he will also put a sealant over them so we hopefully dont have to worry as much, that is until his biggies come in :).... He also told me to start a piggy bank for the orthodontist :( :( :( Brody was SO SO SO good tho. I was one proud mom, he even got to go to the Dollar Store, (his favorite) and pick out a new toy :)!!

The Man in our lives.....

This is the lovely man of our lives. I am so grateful that he is my husband, and the Daddy to my two little people. They adore him and so do I. I couldn't be any happier. I am grateful for his hard work, and how well he is doing at work, and in all other aspects of his life. A REAL catch, I tell ya!


Halloween was soo fun this year. Brody was finally getting what it was all about.... He was super excited to be a pirate!!! ARGGGHHH! And he made sure to tell everyone that his baby sister was a witch :)

Here is our every year tradition Halloween tree :0) Accompanied by doughnuts and orange juice, of course. (Little Braylee couldn't make it to the end of decorating before she had to hit the hay :)

Our ward Halloween party was first, and Brody was still a little unsure of all the costumes this year....and Braylee just wanted to crawl around...!

 On Halloween night we went trick or treating with the Stanger and our 5 kiddies..... We wanted to start early before it got too cold, so we didnt have any help from the Dads, who were still at work... SO it proved to be a pretty slow process, Brody wasn't sure of every house, and had to check out EVERY costume :)!

 This is one guy who was giving out candy, and I think its fair to say that Brody was DEATHLY afraid. But he acted so brave and took a picture with him!

The holidays are so much better with little kiddos!

Our Baby girl turns ONE!

We were blessed with such a sweet baby girl. Braylee is the sweetest, most sassy girl I've ever met, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Braylee got her first tooth about a week before her 1st birthday. She was crawling and walking around things, but not on her own.

She had all of her favorite people around her to celebrate it. I did her party a week early, so that her grandpa could be here too :)

My sweet friend Lisa was sweet enough to take some pictures for us. Here are a few ALOT of pics on her special day ;)

 She might of showed everyone her 'sassy' side. She wasnt too sure about everything ;)

 These two are gonna be bestest of friends, I just know it :)

 Braylee went through a stage where she was always ALWAYS doing this. I thought it was so fuuny Lisa caught it on camera:) She'll love that when she grows up :)

 And her next favorite person, next to her family...Grandpa Bunny. She adores him, and I think she has captured his heart as well ;)
 On her actual birthday, I was busy doing a party that evening, so her Daddy and brother took her out to get her very own Dilly Bar :) Needless to say, she devoured it!

Braylee girl, We love you so so so much! Happy 1st Birthday :) !!!!