Thursday, April 16, 2009


Brody is getting such a little personality!! You can just see his lil attitude in this first picture... and the second!

I cant believe this lil guy is gonna be a year old in a little over a month!!!

We got to spend easter in Twin with Derek's family.... I love how Brody can really be a part of the holidays now... Here he is washing dishes with his Grandpa..

Here is our most recent family photo....Derek readin the newspaper and mom and Brody cuttin out coupons!!
So while we were in twin we got to spend alot of time outside and Brody just loves it!!
Here Brody is decorating the easter eggs....more like squeezing them till they broke!!!
Then I took Brody to an easter egg hunt in was so fun...He knew exactly what to do after I showed him...and got a total of six eggs!!!
Then on easter morning the easter bunny left Brody a basket....he had to follow a trail of m & m's to get to his basket......