Monday, February 27, 2012

sitting here......AWAKE.

It is almost 11 and I'm sitting here awake in my bed. Why?, you ask. Well, we started a new little adventure today: Getting our almost 4 year old to sleep in his own bed. Yep, that's right. Not Braylee, Brody. Braylee is nestled snug as a bug in her crib, like she does every night. I honestly don't know what has taken us so long to get Brod in his own bed. It was a love/hate thing, I think. We absolutely loved snuggling with him every night. He developed weird/funny things that we laughed at. He loves to "pick" my arms. I have absolutely NO idea where he picked it up, but he loves to "pick my pickers." If I have a long sleeve shirt on he will say, "Mom, Can you take off your shirt so I can pick your pickers?" If you think this is weird, you better stop reading now!

I suppose our putting this daunting task off was also a bit of laziness on our part, also. Brody has always had to have someone lay with him until he fell asleep. It is so hard to break a child of this after almost four years, and neither one of us liked laying in his twin bed with him for sometimes hours.

So, needless to say, last night was the last straw. Brody was laying in between Derek and I. I can hardly believe that I am going to publish this publicly. But it is that noteworthy. Don't judge me. In the middle of the night I Derek and I woke up at the exact same time to splashing. I had NO idea what was happening. Some how Brody had gotten his jammies and pull-up off in the middle of the night and started urinating. NOW the absolute worst part: He was urinating straight up in the air and it was coming down and splashing right in my face. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! UGH! I was SO upset, and did everything I could to control my temper. About 2 hours later, after I had made a bed for him on the floor, gotten another pull-up, and he had somehow made his way back to the bed, I woke up to another splashing sound!!!! He was urinating straight off the bed onto the floor/bed I had made him on the floor.

Ugh. What a night. We couldn't help but laugh about it this morning. So, Brody is now sound asleep in his own bed for night # ONE. We can DO this. I am excited, but missing my little munchkin. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

♥{a RaNdOm little update}♥

Here is the little Bray girl at 15 months. She is into everything girly (nail polish, necklaces, shoes), but LOVES a good hat. She'd keep em on all day ;)

She got her first flowers on Valentines day, delivered straight to her house.. She absolutely loved them, and didn't wanna let em go. Her prince and Valentine was her Daddy :) She also had another sweet surprise valentine from her one and only.....

He brought her a balloon (her very favorite) and some cookies.. He was so sweet, and she LOVED it. She loved it so much, she gave him his first kiss kiss :)!

The little Brod man has been fervently practicing his baseball. Since the day this boy knew what a ball was, he has been obsessed with sports. The last few weeks baseball has been on his mind. We have been doing pre-school at home this week and I can't believe how quick children learn. He is amazing. I love being his mommy.

After the church meeting where I thought Brody was not paying attention but proved me wrong, I have noticed how much he picks up on EVERYTHING! even when he prolly shouldn't ;/ We were in Target last week and I wouldn't let him get out of the cart so he blurted out, "MOM, you are pi*&ing me off!" I about died. I must watch my mouth... YIKES! But he also picks up on the good stuff ;)

Derek and I also celebrated our 5th anniversary by going out to eat Sakira, and enjoying a nice night together at home. Derek got me a cookie basket themed for a movie night a home...Super cute and thoughtful :)

This pretty much sums up our silly marriage!

Brotherly and Sisterly love: 

I love how close they are 

We also went bowling for FHE a couple of weeks ago. Brody loved it, but bray just wanted to run down the lane:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The perfect example of faith.

Today during our testimony meeting in church, my dear little 3 year old brought tears to my eyes, joy in my heart, and a renewed meaning of faith in my life. As each person got up to bare their testimony, Brody bothered his sister, relentless kicked the back of the pew, and snacked on snacks.

Never did I imagine that he was actually hearing what was said. Sooner than later he leaned over to me and said, "Mommy, I can do that too. I can go up there." With surprise in my voice, holding back a few wet ones :), I said, "Yes. Yes you can do that too!" I assured him that it was his turn next. After the speaker got done, Brody shoved and pushed his way through the isle and trudged up there all by himself. I gave Derek a big elbow to follow him up. Brody was pretty much up to the microphone already. He climbed up on the stool grabbed the microphone and pulled it down to his sweet lips. Blowing air through the microphone, he took a few seconds to look around and take in ALL the people that were looking at him :)

He took a deep breath and said something to the effect of, "bear my testimony, I love Jesus, church is true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

As proud and as faithful as anyone I know. Such a little stud. I love that Boy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's that time again...

Happy 5th Anniversary to US! Whoop Whoop!

This has been such a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. We argue, bicker, poke fun, but we also work hard not to do those things, laugh, play hard, teach loving children, and try to be the BEST we can be!

I am so grateful for a man that allows me to be me, most of the time :) When I think I need  want a new pair of Toms or a new pair of Big Stars, he always seems to love me unconditionally and support me (within reason of course :) He always just seems to try and make me happy :) He has definitely seen me at my worst, but I think at my best as well. I couldn't ask for a better companion and Daddy to my children! Thank you for loving me and my baggage and helping me be the best mommy and wifey I can!