Monday, May 24, 2010

Brody Boy is Two!

Yep, that's right, he is officially growing up to fast! Man I love this little boy! And of course, I think he is so smart and so cute. He turned two on Friday and is saying 5 and 6 words sentences, and is as busy as can be. I am not ready to let go, I mean I know I have him for at least 16 more years, but I know soon he will grow out of "I want my mommy" stage and I am dreading that....O-well, it's not here yet. I put together a little party for him on friday night and tried to get him excited that it was his birthday.... he had no idea. I mean, he knew there were presents, that he wanted to open, and wanted the baloons badly, but had no idea why. We ate first and then I decided that we should open presents, then blow out his candles and eat cake.... BAD IDEA! Derek and I got him a basketball hoop and he literally spent 3 hours on it, and screamed everytime I tried to get him to come eat cake and ice cream :) Ha!

Opening the presents...!

I couldnt believe how excited he was about this frog, snake and lizard...SO cute!

Our Little Life .....! L-O-V-E!

So here is a little update of the Davis' lately :) Brody has been busy playing sports, I mean anything that has to do with a ball, he is there! Derek loves it! Here is the proof and a little more :)
The boys working with their tools......
And what I have been up to...PREGNANT....and..... being proud of my flowers!