Sunday, March 29, 2009

ThE liL DaViS FaMilY~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

WaLkInG PrO!!!!

Well our lil Brody is officially a walker!!! He has be trying for over a month now, but is official now!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 MoNtHs!!!

I just feel like there is so much to tell about lil BroDy already. He has such a little personality and I'm going to try to get all of my favorite things that he does on video. I have a few so I will post as I get them.....

Ok this lil video is of brody's potty toy....YES POTTY!!! I have read alot about early potty training and I really believe in it. And I am proud to say that for the past week Brody has went poo on his potty every morning... It seems like it is getting to the point now where he knows to push when he sits on it. I am starting out slow, with just letting him sit on it in the morning. ANYway, Brody and I went over to hang out with my friend Brianne and her lil girl Rees and she had this toy that he just loved........(even though it was a girl toy) I got it as his potty toy:)

Sorry....SO PROUD!!!!!!!!


This is a Hannah Montana microphone....needless to say, Derek isn't too fond of it.....

So another sweet thing that Brody does is whenever he hits me or Derek we pretend like we are crying and then he sweet:) (video coming) I also Love how he learns so quick. He knows a lot of words and can point to them if I mention them. My favorite is when I say, "Brody, where is Jesus?" and he points to the picture of Him on the wall!!!

Ok, so now I know that I will never be able to control how clean Brody is!!! He explores so much, even has eaten a mouth full of dirt...And I cringe...

This is Brod playing in the sand box with Daddy:)


Ok, another hilarious thing about Brody is how he LOVES dogs. Even if you mention the word doggy, he starts grunting and flappin his arms and legs...So Cute!!! So we started to call this dog across the street to come to us by making that puckering sound...and brody started trying to do it! (excuse the nasty bugger coming out!)


Also, Brody loves to dance....HA! it is so funny....he will dance at any slight sound of music or singing...even when Im singing lullibys to him...

So these next ones are of BRody and his daddy playin playin playin.....what they do best...I think it is so sweet to see them playing is like they are best friends.....

So in a previous post I mentioned how Derek took brody on bike rides, on his knee....well I talked him into a safer alternative...

These two boys love to play together... Derek teaching Brody how to fly a kite....its like the are the same age!!!!!
BEST FRIENDS............

..........and they got the kite up!!....................

now....Brody is board.....but Derek is not.......

Good babysitter????...........HA!! so cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

YoU KnOw He'S a GoOd DadDY wHeN........

So I came home from work the other day and found this in the living room....
Derek and Brody had built a fort outta the kitchen table, chairs, a couple big bags of toilet paper....and all Brody's toys were underneath the fort....They were both so wiped out from playing...this broke my little heart... Everytime I'm away for the evening or afternoon, I always come home to Derek and Brody playing hard. Derek has done stuff with Brod that would probably make me bite my lip, but I know that they are so priceless...For example, the other day when I got home I asked Derek what they did today. He responded with, "we took a bike ride to the park, to feed the geese, and to see the dogs...." I said, "took a bike ride? How? You don't have a seat for him..." Derek said, "he rode on my knee."............. AHHHH! so dangerous, I thought. But I just bit my lip and said, how fun!!! On another day I got home and Derek had taken Brody to the pet store....(Brody loves dogs) and he saw the birds and dogs:) I thought, gross, I hope he washed his hands.....ha!!!
Anyway, I just think that this is such a great example of an excellent Daddy. Without Daddy's, little boys would be so sheltered. And what a good Daddy to just plain out PLAY!!! It is so easy for me even, to just get busy doing other things and let Brody play with himself. I have never seen Derek do this...WOW!! Props to Derek!!!

SuMmEr, ArE yOu cOmInG????

I am sooo sooo soo ready for summer, are you?!!!!

I've been spending a couple nights a week working at the Texas Roadhouse in Sandy, which I LOVE:) I worked at the one in Boise while I was finishing my degree and it brings back old memories:) ha!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SPrInG FoRwArD!!!

Ok...I am so behind but I wanted to quickly blog before we make our way out in this beautiful weather to wash our car.... So in the last few weeks we have been so so so so busy. Brody has mastered to come...and is almost walking by himself..Cade, Derek's brother got married last weekend.........hmmmmm what else????

Should I lay off the tanning bed??????????? PROBABLY NEVER!!!!