Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tHe LovE of oUr lives!

We have been in Utah for about a week now while Derek is working and having a lot of fun:) Brody loves hanging with Grandpa bunny!!! And is very spoiled by him....

Brody loves the piano...He is eight months old now and so full of life..He gets into everything and LoVes to do everything that everybody else is doing:)

I cant believe how big this little boy is! It just breaks my heart, so soon he will be on his way and outta our home...so sad. I lOvE being your mommy BrOdy!!!

For some reason I am very anal about Brody getting a bath early every morning...Just feels right. Baby is clean and has clean clothes on to start our busy day! But since I have been working out in the mornings Derek has been suprising me by BroDy being bathed when I get home....

DeAr BrOdy, I cant tell you how much your dAdDy loves you! It is really indescribable the love he has for his little boy....So many expectations, yet so much gentle love..... they have so much fun together!

DadDy wants you to be tough, be rough, and to be buff!! He wants to see you go on a mission and work hard, he wants to see you play every sport possible, and to win!!! He also wants you to get into everything....cuz he knows mom will pick it up!

hmmmm.... he cant decide which sport to play:)

And for mommy?, Well she wants you to love no other girl as much as you love her, and to stay by her side forever and ever! She also wants you to take everything she has taught you and teach those special little spirits that come to you the same thing..... and to be cute>...! I love yOu!

Our little Brody received his first tooth around 7 months... He just cut his second...Poor lil guy(

So I am a picture taker, and am sometimes sad that when I look through all our pictures as I get older I will see none of me in our little fam... Well Derek decided to add to our collection of beAutifuL SaRah PiCs... Aren't they great?

BrOdy and Lucie!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


ok...This thing took me hours so I wanted to post it!!! Some of the pics aren't clear but o-well!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RaNdOm TrIpS aRe ThE bEst!!!! (with BeSTies)!!

Ok so last Thursday I had a huge crisis... I have had extensions in for about 2.5 months and they were getting really dry and hard to keep untangled....they are very high maintenance. So I decided to get in the shower without brushing them out......BIG MISTAKE.... I had a HUGE dread lock, mat, rat, disgusting thing in the back of my head that I couldn't get out!!! So Brody and I made a random trip to Utah for hair rescue!! We had so much fun with Jess and I am so grateful for our friendship! We also got to stay with Derek's Dad and had so much fun there:)
ps I have pics of the RAT that I will post later:)
This is the little bike that Bunny had at his house and Brody loved it!!!!!!!!

..........And taking a bath.................

ANd thE neW doO!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mommy and Brody....

So I hardly ever get to take pictures with Brody cuz I'm always the picture taker but it makes me sad so I wanna cherish the ones I do have:)