Saturday, October 8, 2011

Such is life!

I am so sad that it has taken me a MONTH to post, but such is life :) This is in no particular order :)

Braylee is now 10 months old, ALMOST 11. Where does the time go?? She is great. One of my favorite things about my two little dolls is that they L-O-V-E each other sooo much. Brody loves to squeeze Braylee's cheeks, ALL the time. I finally got proof.... Also, Braylee always sits like this and I think it is so cute/lady-like. She has her tip toes touching the ground, but not a thing more!

We have been busy supporting those Broncos......
  We've been supporting daddy out on the football field....


 We've been jumping on the tramp....

And we've been having some fun at hop to it!

I feel like these months have just flown by. My babies are growing up, and I have been so sad/happy about it!

I was able to catch Braylee crawling for the first time a couple days before she turned ten months. We were all so excited because Brody never really crawled. He just decided to walk. It was only a few week later and then she started pulling herself up on everything and walking around everything :)

Here are a few first shots of her pulling herself up to things :) SO BIG! (little)
And Brody boy has just been spending his days with her. I cant believe the relationship they have already. Braylee adores him and he adores her. She giggles at his every move and he pouts when she goes down for naps :) During nap time this is what he does....
He is the toughest little boy on the block, I'm sure.

Braylee spends her days now looking for things to get into, and following Brody everywhere. She even likes to help daddy with his homework :)

And for some reason, I LOVE taking pictures of her sleeping. She is just such a BEAUTY :]

 We also decided to finally get out those piggy tails thanks to my dear friend Kara. What would I do with out her?.... :) They looked adorable and she looked older :(

And this is one of the first "sweets" she really had...I think around 6 months or so...I just forgot to document it  :)

We've also been getting so excited for the holidays around here.... CANT WAIT!!!

Our annual Halloween tree :) Bray fell asleep...Next year?!!!


I cant believe Braylee with be 1 in less than a month. Time really does fly... Here are some ten month shots.

These two make the days worth living.