Tuesday, August 18, 2009

home SWEET home....

So we are back in the west....not officially back in Twin, but close!

We will miss pittsburgh, most especially our friends ...but are excited to move on...!

Brody is not almost 15 months old and amazing us every day. Not a day goes by that we dont laugh or smile real big at him! His vocabulary is getting pretty big for his age....I think....But what mom doesnt think their child is the smartest? :)

Some things he says are momma, dadda, doggy, thank you, treat, drink, eat, poop :), and im sure there are more :)

He is so in love with dogs. I have never seen a little child love something more than he loves dogs. I will have to post a video of what he does when he sees a dog....hilarious....

Anyway he keeps Derek and I on our toes everyday. He is in to everything and knows how to do everything that we do...he thinks. I love how curious he is and love being his mommy!

So we are officially moving back to Twin! I am so excited for this! Derek couldnt get residency at Utah Valley so he will be doing the paramedic program at CSI. It will take about a semester longer but will be cheaper in the long run!