Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting large and in charge!!!!

I can't believe how fast they grow!!! Brody is 9 1/2 weeks old today and I can't believe it!! He is getting such a little personality and Derek and I are LOvInG every moment of being parents!! So this week Derek got his phone stolen while out working. I was so sad because all the pics of Brody's birth was on his phone because we forgot our camera while in the hospital:( But somebody has some REALLY cute and REALLY discusting pictures!! HAHA.

Here are just a few pictures of brody with his pacifiers, he LoVeS them!!!!(and I think that it is cute:)

I also think this picture is so cute of Brody and Derek. Brody just got out of the bath, and looks bald!! He is also looking more and more grown up!!

And as I have said before, Derek is such a wonderful daddy!!! Derek gave Brody a bath this morning, and I love taking pictures! (Hence the reason there is hardly any pictures of me!)

Now for my all time favorites!!!! I loved these pictures so much that I couldnt choose just one!!! Brody looks so cute here and soooo curious! Anyway, we are so excited to go home to Twin in less than a month!! Derek is all registered for school and has a tough semester ahead of him!!

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I said I was gonna try to be better so here goes!!!! Well Brody is growing and growing everyday and will be eight weeks old this week!!! I can't believe how fast time flies!! We only have about 5 and 1/2 weeks left here in Florida!! So anyway Derek is such a good dad. Brody seems to be really fussy at night so when Derek comes home he picks Brody up and sings the Lion King song and shows him around the house for like an hour straight! It is so cute and Brody LOvEs it.... He seems to be just mesmerized by Derek:) So this pic is of Derek singing to him:)

On Sundays we usually go to church and then try to find something charitable to do (Try), and then spend the rest of our time at the pool or beach. During the week, Derek had met a 90 year old widowed woman from Brooklyn NYand said she was so lonely. So he gave her a picture of Brody that he carries in his work binder and told her that he would come visit her. So on Sunday we went to visit her. I dont think that she really thought we would come because when Derek knocked on the door she teared up!!! Anyway, she loved it and so did we! Then we came home and went to the pool, and I finally told Derek that he could take Brody in the pool since he has been wanting to since Brody was about 3 days old!!!
The Famous Game of TPG..... The boys play this silly game every time we go.... they put a toothpick at the bottom of the pool and then try to find it and dive for it..... it's their favorite game...

Derek won!!!!

I always try to do some cleaning in the morning while Derek is home so I can get something done, and so Derek can spend sometime with Brody:) I walked in this morning and they were watching tv together!! So cute:)

Brody is 8 Weeks old this week!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

SO, I need to be better at this!!!! Anyway, we have done quite a bit since my last blog so this one will be a short mixture of everything:)!!! So Brody and I got to go to Salmon for the week of the 4th and had so much fun!!! Brody got to meet his grandpa Bunny, Aunt Desi, cousins, Grandma Viv, the wonderful Sessions family, and all of my very best friends back home... The sad part is I forgot my camera in Salt Lake and now don't have any pics:(!!! But anyway, we were sad that Derek didn't get to come with us and he was way excited to see his little boy!!!

This is from the night we got home!! We were sure glad to be off the plane and Derek was very happy to see Brody!!

Sunday morning, after we got home, there was a really bad rain storm. Here in Florida it is their rain season, so when it rains, it pours, literally. It is sheets of rain and is very loud!! In the pictures above, Derek took Brody out in his first rain storm!!! I thought his expressions were so cute:)!!

Later on Sunday Derek took us to the Bass Pro Shop here in Florida!! It was pretty cool and made us miss home a little bit. There was a lot of hunting and fishing stuff and made us feel like we were in Idaho again. Here are just a few pics of us there:)

One more cute story, Derek has been helping me in the mornings because I have be complaining that I feel like I can't get anything done. So we made a deal. Derek bathes Brody in the morning, and I would cook him breakfast.... so I got done cooking breakfast and Derek brought Brody to me so he could eat. I held Brody and thought he smells so good, but not like a baby....Daddy decided to put cologne on Brody like a big boy, or stud:). So I took a picture of how proud Derek was, and then changed Brody's clothes...ha ha ha:)