Thursday, January 27, 2011

NO title

So I have a broken camera :( WHAAA! O-well. But I just wanted to note a few things. Our little Braylee is 12 weeks old as of yesterday... SO bittersweet. It seems I have been having a lot of those moments lately. As I was folding the 12th pair of little action figure underwear this week, I realized how bittersweet that was. My little boy should still be in diapers. He should not be growing up. Period. But I am so grateful that he is potty trained too! :)

Derek came home from work yesterday and surprised Brody with a cop car that makes entirely too much noise, and a bumbo for sweet Braylee. I was pleasantly surprised and so was Brody! Braylee does pretty good in the bumbo, but if she is in it for too long, I can tell her neck gets tired and she wants out. She is such a great baby, but sure has an attitude if there is something she doesn't like :) She has got a voice on her! She is giggling a bit but has not gotten in to it a ton and I cant wait till she does so I can snag it on video!

My weeks seem to be flying by at home. I always look forward to Derek getting home at night... it seems it is the highlight of my day. Although I have my moments with him, he is truly my best friend and keeps me laughing daily. I am sad to say this but Braylee loves her daddy mucho. I thought I would be the highlight of her life for the first little while like I was to Brody, but no. She loves to be with him in his arms. She seems so soothed and peaceful with him... another bittersweet moment for me. Mommy hood seems so different this time around.... Like one friend described to me once. One child is like a pet and a show toy, two kids give you meaning and keep you busy! (not that having one doesn't give you meaning, I might be putting my foot in my mouth with this one:)

I love my life.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

update :)

So I feel like I'm a little behind so I will catch up! After Christmas we got our family pictures done for the first time... I loved how they turned out and loved Brittany who took them! :)

Anyway.... We had so much fun and I am sure glad to have finally got some pictures done :)

Time is flying by. Braylee is already ten weeks old and as cute as ever. She is starting to be awake a lot more and is smiling a ton and ALMOST to squeeze out that giggle :) Brody is loving on her and barely lets her sleep :) He Always comes up to me (or screams across the room,) "Mommy, come look at Braylee, she's sooo cute!" Ha, I love it, and he loves her......Well I think. I was making some valances for Braylee's room this past week and had my little drill gun out on the floor in her room. I was sitting on the floor changing Braylee's diaper when Brody came up to her head with the drill gun (and bit) and started drilling her head. I of course freaked out and said Brody what are you doing?!!! Luckly, I was right there! Anyway he said, "Mommy, I was just trying to fix her!" WOW.. that's all I have to say

Oh and how could I forget to mention my Cricut :) I got one for christmas and LOVE it. It will be so fun... Here is my first little project...

I think little Braylee and Brody will be the best of friends. He always wants to put Baby Einstien in for her and the other day he did and I came in to the living room to find this......

He had rubbed her head and put her right to sleep! So cute!

And little Braylee is growing right up... She loves to be walked around and loves her binky!

And of course, she loves her Daddy!

2 Months :) and she is loving sitting under these toys.....