Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My little Sickos :(

Our little family got sick with a NASTY bug and it kept us down for a full week :( NO FUN!

Easter 2012

Easter was so fun this year having two little ones that pretty much understood what was going on! They both helped color eggs......

Then we went to an egg hunt in Kimberly..... They both loved it and Brody did so good he even had a grumbly old man grumble at him for getting so many eggs....and he was in the correct age group! LOL it gave us all a chuckle :)

Easter Morning we did a little hunt in the back yard and went to church ......

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Summer Fun!

I am dying right now wishing that I would just keep up on this weekly! We have done so much fun stuff this summer so now it will be a jumbbled mess, but none the less, DOCUMENTED... Braylee Jade has been growing soooo sooo fast.... and is super fun to dress up ;) She talks a bunch and her favorite thing right now is, "Bunny!!! Are you?" (where are you?)

Her and I have been tagging along following these munchkins where ever they want to golf ;)

 We've also spent some much needed family time roasting mallows <3

And otter pops are our new favorite dinner of choice ;)

Braylee loves to copy her brother and pretend like she is a T-Baller :)

One evening As I heard something spilling in the pantry, I thought Brody was in there so I said, "hey, what's happening in there???" I got no answer......Then a little girl comes out with a chip in each hand and crunching between her toes.... I guess you're supposed to feed kids???

And one of their most fav things to do... Popsicles in the bath!

The best husband, father and father-in-law EVER.

.....This father's Day my heart was so full! here are a few reasons why....

I am the luckiest girl. I have THE best father-in-law in the world. Not only doesn't he play with our sweet babies during the day so I can finish school, but he adores them and plays sometimes harder than they do ;) He teaches me how to be a better mommy by simply spending every moment he can playing and teaching them. Not to mention, he takes care of our lawn and garden on busy weeks (while stretching out Brody's hat to avoid a sunburn;). And lastly, he is one of my best friends, give the best advice (mostly), and is like a second father to me. ♥

I also have the best father and grandpa to our kiddos.... He is the BEST!

And lastly, I have absolutely the best husband and daddy to our kiddos... He is so great with them and loves them dearly. Braylee is his little princess that can do no wrong, and Brody is his partner in crime, literally :)

It's Spring time!

Yay! We spent some wonderful nights on the tramp and in the tent :) Braylee loves her crib a bit so some nights she stayed in ;)

Spending some time at the museum!

Grandpa, Brody and Bray have made this place a weekly, if not bi-weekly occurrence :)! They love it there! They dont forget to hit up Kiwi Loco on the way home .....