Thursday, August 21, 2008

hOMe SwEet HoMe!!!

We are home!! And, we are loving it....:) Derek started school yesterday and is very excited about it. I am just hanging out with little bROdY and trying to teach him about this big world.! The trip home was pretty good. We flew out last Thursday and landed in Salt Lake, walked down the stairs of the little airplane, and could hardly breath......... it is sooooo sooo dry here compared to Florida. So the next few days, and even now, are accompanied with headaches, itchy eyes, and clogged noses.......but we are surviving. We shipped our car out last monday and it was supposed to be in Salt Lake on Saturday. We called him Saturday morning and he was in Gainesville, FL. So in 6 days he had went about 4 hours North. Needless to say, our car is still not here:) THat tells you how tropical storm Fay affected us!!!! ANyway, on to the good suff......

Here are some pics from our last week or so in Florida... Derek and Brody love the telvision!!!

After the pool, his little face is to die for.... and mommy feeds him a lot... those little chubby cheeks prove it!!!

These next pictures are just me admiring how cute our little boy is!!! I can't help myself!

This is us at the Marlins game....too loud for Brody!!!

And finally we made it to Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Grandpa Bunny and baby Brody love each other... We spent the weekend with Grandpa Bunny and Brody just loved it! He walked Brody everywhere and taught him about the garden, what each vegetable was, about sugar beets, and about many other things of this world. Brody was so peaceful with him. He is so lucky to have such good grandparents who love him dearly. He is also very excited to see his grandma Donna when she comes here in a few weeks!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

TrOpiCaL sToRm fAy.....

Well we are getting all packed and ready to leave!! We are so excited to get back and start school. But, we are supposed to fly out Thursday, and tropical storm Fay is headed our way!! I am so nervous because they are not sure whether it will turn into a Hurricane or not. Plus we have gotten rid of most of our food and water because we are leaving!! They evacuated Key Largo and the rest of the Keys, which was a bummer cuz we were gonna go visit.... I think I will go to the store.......NOW!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

9 MoRe daYs:)

Ok, so we haven't done much since the last blog, but I dont want to get behind:o) So on Saturday we went to the beach for maybe the last time and it poured rain!! I thought I was gonna be able to get some pics of Derek and brody playing in ocean, but I guess not!

So Brody just loves to sit outside on our porch everyday and get some sun. The air conditioning sits right outside and it puts him right to sleep! But I am so paranoid about it because there are lizards everywhere!!!

I love to spike brodys hair in a mohawk because he really only has hair right on top where a mohawk is!! He has a ton of hair around the bottom, and a few patches of 2 inch hair on top! He has a receding hair line already:]

So Derek thinks Brody is about two years old already!!! He wanted Brody to jump off the fridge to him! ha ha. Brody didn't know what was going on:)

Yestderday the boys played volleyball again and Brody and I went out and watched. Derek took Brody around the volleyball court while he made the lines. They are best buds!!!

I love to take pictures!! Derek doesnt like it so much so I have to tell him when to take em:) This is Brody and I at bath time this morning!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BRoDy and AShLyNN!!!!!!!

So yesterday was my first time away from Brody for more than an hour or so!! AHHHH!!! But I was so thankful that our friend Rochelle was willing to watch him! And she is so good with him and her little girl, Ashlynn! Ashlynn is a lucky girl:) Anyway, it felt so good to get out. I got to go work with Derek, and we were pretty successful, getting two sales!

So, I left our camera with Rochelle and told her to take some pictures if she wanted to. I didnt have a chance to last night, and when I got on this morning both Derek and I were laughing hysterically!!! Oh my!!! Brody and Ashlynn are both sooooo cute!! They got to play together and had a good day! Thank you Rochelle!!! Here are some pictures from their day!!!

They are boyfriend and girlfriend!!!

So I also have this little beanie that I just love and it is too hot here in Florida for Brody to wear. So last Sunday, before church, I decided that I wanted Brody to wear it to church. I put the beanie on him and it was sooo cute!!

Soooo cute!!! But Derek wouldn't let me keep it on him for church!!!

Here are some other pictures from the week!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

BrOdY LuKe!!!~

So Derek and I are just in love with this little guy!!! He is most definately the best thing that has happened to both of us, and I have so much to say about him I'm gonna blog away!!! haha!!
Well for starters, Brody is getting so so so big way to fast!!(literally) Tonight I went to put these cute little pjs on him that he hasn't been able to wear since he was born because they were too big, and I'll let the pictures explain the rest.....................

Anyway, he would stretch out his legs and the neck would stretch clear down and almost choke him!!!! He never got to wear this one!!!

So Brody is already developing such a little personality. Since I have the blessing of staying home with him, I get to see him grow, develop, and come up with his own little characteristics. My favorite of these little characteristics is when Brody gets tired he throws a big fit until I lay him down, scrunch his blanky up against his face (and it has to be touching his face), and then give him his pacifier!:) I think it is so funny and cute, but he just won't stop crying until I do it! Here is the pic of him tonight doing this!

So after I put him in a different outfit tonight, Derek and I decided to take a photoshoot!!!

Now just a few of Brody.....!

He is just our pride and joy!!! I never knew parenthood would be this good!! Parents who complain about sleep are missing out on a lot of blessings!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


WeLl time is quickly winding down here in Florida!!! We are both SO excited to get back to Idaho, although it has been a blessing to be able to live here for a while!! We only have 20 more days to go!! Then we will be flying into Salt Lake, spend a few days there, and then back to our home in Twin!!! Derek will start school full-time and I will be taking care of Brody!! YAY!
Well not much new has happened here so these are just a few pictures of Derek Playing volleyball this morning!!!!!!!!