Monday, March 21, 2011

{big brother}

What a good big brother Brody is! He always wants to read to Braylee...

And I decided to get sweet little Braylee's ears pierced :) I was so nervous to get them done. I knew that if I was gonna do it, I better hurry before she got any bigger and play with them... But I also wanted to make it her decision.... Well, I am so happy I did it and they turned out darling..

Braylee only cried for about thirty seconds on the second ear....I didn't even know she had done the first! Such a little trooper! And she had Brody, her #1 fan, to cheer her on the whole time by her side!

Well, it's baseball season now, so you know what that means.....Baseball has a new #1 fan.....Brody Davis! I swear, this kid breath, sleeps and eats sports. He is a die-hard fan! Not one HOUR, yes i said hour, passes with out Brody asking me, "Mommy when is Daddy coming home so he can play baseball with me? Mommy is Daddy here yet? Mommy is Daddy on his way?"

And the minute Derek walks in the door, they head out to the back yard to play ball for about an hour, no matter how many times I tell them dinner is ready!

And ya wanna know the worst part? Every time, and I mean every time, we tell Brody that its time to eat or time to clean up, he looks at you with those big blue eyes and says, "But, Dontcha wanna play baseball with me?"...................AHHHHH! How do you answer that?? Say NO?? No way. You say, "Of course I do little Buddy," (at least that's what Derek says) and they are off playing for another 20 minutes......

Braylee is 4 and a half months now and is getting more active. When she is on her back, she'll turn her head back like she wants to roll over. She is not interested in food at all, and I am more than happy about that....I want to keep her as little as possible for as long as I can! Sometimes I feel like I made Brody grow up too fast! Braylee thinks Brody is hilarious! If we cant get her to giggle, we always know we can turn to him!

Brody is going to be 3 years old in a few short months......Ahhhh! I cant believe how fast time goes! He is talking very well and always playing. He has the best personality! He loves to figure out how to annoy people and continue to do it...GRRR! He loves to squeeze Braylee's cheeks entirely to rough....If we want Brody to do something we just tell him to do the opposite and he will do what we originally wanted him to do, on the spot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{4 months and a growing 2 year old}

I can believe I am saying this, but our sweet Braylee girl is 4 months old!

~Braylee is almost always smiling or giggling
~Her hair is growing by the day and more crazy than ever
~She is about 12.7 lbs...I think
~SHE is so FLUFFY! This girl has thighs on her like I've never seen before, and of course cheeks! {its everything I can do not to sink my face into them!
~She thinks Brody is hilarious
~She tries to throw her head back to turn from back to tummy, but has a bit to go :)
~She hates tummy time
~She has had 3 huge crying spells (which is totally unlike her) where nothing, and I mean nothing, will calm her down :(
~She sucks her hands like Crazy
~She is a good eater and still nurses quite a bit. She is getting to the stage where she kicks her arms and gets super excited when I lift up my shirt.....{heart melting}

And So does Brody....

Little Brody boy is full of ......sports lately! He cant get enough of Rudy, Sandlot, and Simon Birch. He has started this thing, where the moment he wakes up he has to find his basketball shorts and either a football or basketball shirt. And from that moment on it begins. He changes his shirts depending on which sport he is playing or thinking of at the moment..... This is what I find.....

As soon as Derek gets home Brody is convincing him that they must practice....And it begins...

While they are playing Braylee just watches while Brody runs over to give her an occasional squeeze on the cheeks (which is far to rough.)

But who wouldn't wanna squeeze these babies?????

And lastly, happy birthday to Derek who turned 28 on Sunday :]