Monday, November 2, 2009

TriCk oR TrEat

Halloween this year was the most fun I have had on this holiday ever! It was so fun to watch Brody. He loved it and we loved watching him...! My little train conductor got lots of good treats, and as you can see by the picture, I might have been the most excited! we started in Hansen and ended at our home street in twin:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My BEST Friend....

yeah This post is about my best friend. Derek is my Best Friend. I just feel like this post is necessary. If you dont want to read or think it is cheesy please move on cuz this is my journal too! Derek is my best friend for many reasons but I think the one reason that stands out the most is because he is so supportive. We have had a lot of trials lately and I have just felt like, "what else?" There have been many days I just wanna give up on everything. I mean, I try so hard to be the best I can be and we still seem to be going through all these trials..... Derek got accepted in to the paramedic and fire academy in orem, ut. two weeks before school started we found out he didnt get residency, hence we were not paying the out of state tution. Plan B: we would get him into the medic program at CSI in January, and it would just take him a semester longer than the utah program. Well this week we found out that CSIs program is now super competitive because ISU and BSU no longer have a medic program, so all those students are coming here. And the students that have their emt intermediate have first dibbs, something that wasnt necessary before..... GRRRR!!!! Also, we have been in between jobs, trying to get out of the security industry, and having legal problems with a previous employer....WHEN WILL IT END!!!

Anyway, that is just the half of what we have been dealing with, and I cant imagine it without Derek. Along with all this, I personally struggle with things; feeling like a blob and struggling to find the motivation to change, girl stuff, etc. It sure is a tester of our faith and loyalty. I am grateful for these experiences to help us build our faith. Derek has been such a trooper through these experiences, and I am grateful for that too. He has so much responsibility on his shoulders, and never waivers, and I appreciate that. What I relief and comfort he is. He is truly my best friend. I love him.