Monday, February 28, 2011

New Craft Blog ;]

Yep, I did it... Started a little craft blog! I'm excited! Check it out here...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

{ a lil bit of this and that....catching up!}

wow! slacking lately for sure! But I have a really good excuse! I have been fervently working away on a craft blog....Yep that's right. I decided to start a craft blog and it will be in running condition soon! So be on the look out :)

Anyway nothing to much is happening new in our busy lives.


Brody is constantly being a boy, talking about sports, bucking bulls, and his friends.

Braylee is getting larger by the minute and I cant believe she will be four months in a week. She is still being a really good girl. We just love her. And I just love dressing her up and taking pictures, cant you tell?

Braylee also has tons of dark hair that I wanted to get a snap of. Here is her locks at 3 months!

anyway, that is about the jist of our lives lately, exciting huh!!??!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well The Davis' have made it another year :) That's four years and counting... :) Derek and I celebrated our four year anniversary on thursday and Braylee had a little celebration of her 3 month mark that same day ;) Derek got me a new camera which I desperately needed...And for him, well he is going on a 3 day ski trip with his friends this weekend so Happy Anniversary! Ha... Well anyway, I am grateful for a good marriage and companion to share my life with and laugh with :) One thing I have noticed over the last four years: Derek has a very dry and hard-to-read sense of humor that I just love. It makes me giggle everyday. Sometime he jokes around with people and they cant tell if he is serious or not.... And then they see me in the background giggling.... LOL. By far my most favorite thing about him.... Ok anyway enough with him ;)

Our little children are growing up so fast! And of course we think the are the most beautiful! Brody is just full of life these days. He talks about football, Lexi (his crush), and a new little girl that he has become a little obsessed with is Bailey. He is starting out way too early! She was sitting by us in church and was cooing over the baby, and Brody was doing everything he could to get her attention. Telling her what a good football player he was, telling her he had a buzz light year at home, EVERYTHING. It was so cute. And she was so sweet to him. SHe said, "Well maybe we'll have to have a play date." LoL. Then I looked over and he had is one arm draped across her back! So cute! He definately has a little crush :) But I'm ok with that, because she is adorable.

Braylee is now three months old. She is starting to giggle and laugh more and be much more awake during the day. We dont have a schedule down during the day, but I am ok with that since she nearly sleeps through the night every night! What a good baby she is. She is a gem and sure to light up a room with this precious smile.....

Derek suprised us the other night and brought Braylee home a bumbo and brody a police truck. She is pretty good in the bumbo. She loves to be upright and hAtEs to be carried like a baby :)

OUr little kiddos are the world to us and we couldn't imagine life without them!