Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer...as it comes to an end in PA

So the summer is quickly winding down here in Pittsburgh. We are all so excited to move on and see what the future holds for our little family. Brody is now 14 months old and growing like a little weed. I love him more than life and couldnt imagine a day with out Brody. Derek has been selling in Erie Pa which is about two hours from here, so he has been staying in a hotel about a week at a time. Nights get pretty lonely around here, and I feel so much peace and comfort with Brody. My little heart breaks because I get to be his mommy. I truely love that little guy more than words. He is the light of my life.... I LOVE BRODY!! Ha. ANyway, he is learning so quickly and already has such a great vocab. He sayS, "HI!!!" right when his daddy walks in the door at night. What is amazing to me is what he truly can comprehend, which I probably dont know the extent. I will ask him if he wants me to read him a book, and he will disapear and come back with a book. AMAZING! Same with nigh night. I ask him if he wants to go nigh night and he will start repeating those two words in a little winny voice til I take him to his bed:)

AND>>>>> He LOvES to Play!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the aDvEntuRes of Us!!!!!

this month we have spent a lot of time venturing....! it has been so much fun... Derek's Dad came out to visit and that was a blast. Brody loved having him here, as did we. These are a few pics of what they did together:)

We were able to take Grandpa to OhioPyle State park and took a hike...

Then we headed up to Niagara Falls NY to visit the falls....It was beautiful and much larger than Shoshone Falls;) At night they lit up the falls so we went back to see that, and it was so worth it. And I also got a picture of the city Toronto Canada which has the best view of the falls!

Then the next day we headed up to Palmyra NY to visit the Joseph smith farm, sacred grove, and to watch the hill camorah pageant. It was an amazing experience for our family and I will never forget it!!!
my favorite part for sure was the sacred grove. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Brody was so calm and he couldn't wait to go......he was running towards the grove:)

Amongst all the protesters and such, the pageant was amazing. I had no Idea how big it was. There are over 700 people just performing in it, not to mention how many come watch!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

buSy BuSy BroDy.....

do you think he loves his moMMy?

He loves his grandpa too :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

FrIeNdS-~FaMiLy-~and the FoUrTh:)

So for the fourth we got to spend half the day with Derek, went to a BBQ, and then watched fireworks in downtown Pittsburgh over the three rivers. It was an amazing view, and AMAZING fireworks....They were for sure the best I have ever seen.!! Much better than Salmon ID's where I grew up....No offense Gary Foss:)...I think that's his name:)

Anyway we sat on a grass patch that over looked the city and it was perfect. We went with our good friends out here, Amber and Ryan Harper, and another friend Tony, who is basically just a tag along:) Ha jk. I forgot my camera of course, so I will prolly steal some from Amber soon:0)
Then on Sunday we headed to Ohiopyle State Park. It was so beautiful. I cant explain how green Pennsylvania is. Derek said, "Each state has its own beauty huh?" I definitely agreed and am very thankful for the opportunities we have had to visit so many.
Here are some pics from the park:)
i LoVe My LiL FaMiLy!!~
OUr LIL Man!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

downtown pittsburgh....allegheny cemetary.....

So for some more of our adventures...........:0)
On sunday we took a trip to allegheny cemetary, one of the oldest and most beautiful cemetary's here (if a cemetary can be beautiful):). Really though, it was very pretty. It laid on about 300 acres of rolling hills. The grave stones (miniture houses) apparently date back to the late 1700s. What I mean by miniture houses is the grave stones literally looked like little houses. They were huge!!! I cant believe back in the 1800s the built these. They looked so vain to us. I wonder what the Lord thinks? Anyway, he are some pictures....

This was a beautiful place and I am glad we got to visit!!!
Then we headed to look at the city of pittsburgh. First we went to this look out point and got some pictures of the city itself. It was pretty cool. The city is so old. We took a ride on this old cable railway called the Duquesne incline. It has been serving transportation since 1877....Anyway we thought it was pretty cool!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

late...tired....need to blog!

So we have Internet in our apt now so I really need to get this updated so I can keep up... bare with me:)
So we have been having such a wonderful time here in Pittsburgh:) We have been trying to enjoy the summer more by visiting and exploring more of the city and surroundings. It has been so much fun. Derek is doing well out her and I am so proud of him and his hard work. I am really blessed to have such a hard working husband. Not to mention, and excellent daddy.
Brody is still my pride and joy. I love that little creature. He is so amazing and fascinating to me. He learns so quickly and I am so proud. He is talking more and more lately and it makes me laugh. He is thirteen months old and I thought he was being a little slow on speaking, maybe cuz he uses sign language a lot to communicate with us. But this last week has changed my mind. He is trying so hard to say one syllable words and it is so cute:) He says mom ma, dad da, shoes, buuh bye, hi, banana, etc...obviously in his little baby way:) I know I say this every time but he LOVES animals, especially dogs. We need one. Brody and I went to an appointment with Derek the other day where the family had gotten broken into 2 days before that while they were away. It was so sad. They had pretty much everything expensive stolen, and the mom was just horrified. She was pregnant and had two little ones at home. They had a huge dog, who wasn't there at the time of the break in, and Brody was all over him! It was so cute, he was so excited yet a little bit scared.
Anyway, I am journaling and should really be blogging so here goes.....

I love having a little boy with such a great personality...you can just see it in him!!!
and you gotta have some bath pics:0

So I have been trying to be a better mom to Brody. Sometimes I just get so caught up in cleaning, cooking, laundry, work, etc that I forget that I need to be his mommy. I need to spend quality time with him, and not just be his baby sitter. So anyway I have been setting aside an hour every four hours or so and letting it just be HIS time. I let him do whatever he wants and I do it with him. Without doing anything else of course. This has helped so much. I feel like he is getting the attention that a one year old needs, and also learning so much along the way. I love it. THis is not to say that I don't make him have just Brody time either. I believe he needs that too. ANyway, these next pics and video are of him taking me for a walk around the apartments:)

Just a few shots of the davis fam:)~~~~~and Brody's little girlfriend LeXI

And Brody's most recent haircut.....my favorite thing to do to him!!

So for some of our exploring...Derek and I decided to head up to Amish Country.. Volant and New Wilmington PA. What A beautiful place and way of life. It was so crazy. It was like a movie. I cant even explain how cool it was. Here are a few pics from the trip:)
....the drive......

Brody's kryptonite
And I took this picture (Derek thinks I'm Crazy) because I just think it is so beautiful here, even on the freeway!
a few of the visit.....
and Brody dancing to some kids songs to end this blog finally!!!!!!!!!