Wednesday, March 13, 2013

September fun :)

I love my sweet little boy! And I love when he wants to take pictures with me....or of me :)

We also got to spend some time with some of our very best friends....

These two little girls are so fun to watch. I love them!

Jhett is Brody's BEST friend. Brody LOVES going to his house, and loves when he gets to come to ours. He is the sweetest little boy and we are so lucky to get to spend some time with him!

This little girl is GROWING, and I wish I could stop time!

Here is Mom at 20 weeks and counting....

And at 24 weeks

Braylee Jade is becoming more and more independent as the days go. This is her first attempt at putting on some clothes...

Also in September, Grandpa Bunny, our beloved care taker while I was in school, went on vacation for 2 weeks back east. I have never been more grateful for him and for working moms in my life. I was so anxcious about finding someone to watch our babes and make sure they were all set and ready to go before school started each day. Luckily, I had the best two baby sitters. My friend and neighbor Lisa watched them for a few days and sent me pictures throughout the days to ease my mind...this is the only one I saved....

They also got to spend a few days at my friend Kara's house and had a blast... I just forgot to save the pictures she sent :(

Derek also was able to watch them for the other week. They got to go to work with Dad and loved it! They spent their first night away from Mom though, and traveled to Nephi Ut for Dad's work. They were able to stay with uncle cade and loved it. It was so hard to be home alone. It felt so empty. So Dad was sure to flood my phone with these text pictures...
I love how the picture show that a Dad is in charge: Messy faces, crazy hair (with a bow at least!), and as dirty as can be! That's what Dads are for!

And this cute girl's first experience with Mascara!

Such a little reader...

My two sweet babes!

And some more fun times at school ;)

It is TIME! August 2012 :)

Nothing gives me more anxiety than being behind on my blog. I love this part of my life and not being able to have a journal of it scares me! So here goes!

August was such a fun month for us with the weather cooling down :) Pregnancy is going good so far with just a few kidney stone bumps in the road. Someday maybe we'll figure that out! :)

Here is Mom with baby sister at sixteen weeks...

Braylee and her Daddy are becoming so close! They love each other. Braylee always wants her daddy to paint her nails and sweetly asks him to do them :)

And August was the month that I finally started feeling that there was light at the end of the tunnel with school. Such fun memories were made there though :)

And here is Brody with his new bike that Grandpa Bunny bought him for learning to ride with out training wheels... The funniest part is that he will ride it rain or shine, fully clothed, or NUDE! I don't usually let him do the latter though :)

We also got our first little Bunny Peter! The kids both love him and he is such a sweet little thing, but loves to escape and get out of the back yard....

The Fair, Rodeo, and Fall is one of our favorite times of year..... My little cowboys ready to go!