Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tooth number DOS!

Two days ago Braylee broke through tooth number 2! And no, it's not on the bottom next to tooth number one, where it should be. It is a top front toother! O-well! It is amazing to me how different children are. I dont remember for sure, but I believe Brody almost had a full mouth by this age, 15 months! Ha! I will try and snag a picture soon!

Update: The little misses got toother number 3 (another front top one) Feb. 4, at almost exactly 15 months :)

Update: Tooth number 4 (the bottom right) broke through on Feb 23, 2012.! almost 16 months...Slowly but surely!

Monday, January 16, 2012

some Brody verbage :)

Brody: Jan 2012

Said by the sweetest boy I know: Mommy, I Judy wanna sleep with you, not Daddy. Me: how come Brod? Brody: Cuz I love you mommy, and I think your pretty and bootiful :) melt my ♥

Brody: Mom, I don't like when u get mad at me.
Me: I didn't get mad at you, Brod.
Brody: yes you did, a couple yestermarrows ago.

Brody: "momma, you look pretty.
Derek: "Brody!, you're making me look bad!"

Daddy: Brody, you were born in Miami.

Brody: NO I WASNT! I was born in Mommy's Ami!

Brody: Daddy, I wanna play football like we did lasterday.

Brody: Mommy you are a good mommy. But when I fight with you, I dont know if you are a good mommy. But Jett's mommy is a good mommy too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Brody Boy, and some winter fun!

Our little Brody is growing up! New Years Eve night really hit me this year about how old I am getting, how big little Brody is getting, and how pathetic we are getting being in bed by 10 on New Years Eve! New Years Day was Brody's first day in Primary and he was so excited, and did so well! It made him feel so big!... Whenever I tell him to let me help him with something, he says no, Im in primary now, I can do it. HA! So BIG! He is still into saying "yestermarrow" and telling me that he already took a nap.

He is the sweetest boy I know and has definitely stole my heart. Not a day goes by where he doesn't tell me that I'm "Pretty and Bootiful." In fact, yesterday he moved up on the scale a notch. He said, "Mom, you are sexy!" I about peed my pants, but explained to him that probably only Daddy should say that to mommy, and that I really like to be "Pretty and Bootiful:)"

He is loving playing football with his Dad right now..... Im almost positive he is the best catch and thrower for 3 1/2 in the world ;) He loves Braylee dearly and they spend their whole day together if he is not pulling her in a laundry basket, he is surely squeezing her cheeks or carrying her somewhere:)

The rest of our time is filled with card games, CSI basketball games, and an occasional jump on the tramp with our awkward weather!

Our sweet 14 month old little girl~!

What 14 month old has enough hair to do these cute little buns, but only has ONE tooth??????

Our sweet little Braylee does. She has had that lonely tooth now for about 2.5 months. So weird I think. But since she is still nursing, I wont complain!

This little girl has became so full of life these last few months. She LOVES all things girly, and seems to love shopping with me. She walks around the house putting bows in her hair and asking everyone to put shoes on her. It is adorable. She absolutely adores her brother. From every waking moment she is following him, mocking him, and giggling at him. She loves her Daddy too. She cries every time he leaves for work :) She is saying a bit more like hi, bye, baby....

She's also been walking around with binkys lately.... I think maybe it is because she sees so many babies with them, but we think it's funny :)

The BEST Christmas Ever.

I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. I also love the spirit that Christmas brings. This year was such a fun year with two kiddos enjoying and learning all about Christmas, and the excitement that it brings! Braylee was into her sucker more that anything else but she still got pretty excited :) I made her a doll for Christmas and I hope that she has it forever. I want her to remember me some how :) Not that it will last forever, but at least she'll probably have it in parts! ha!

Brody was so so cute!. He only asked Santa for one thing this year, "A gun with a polster (holster) and a belt from the animal store (Sportsman's Warehouse). He wanted that gun pretty dang bad. And he knew exactly which one it was. So there was NO trying to sneak in a cheaper one. We made him wait till the last gift to open it too. When he opened it he shouted, "He got it for me Mommy! Santa remember!" It was darling!. Grandpa Bunny got him a remote control car. Brody had never expressed any interest in wanting one but when he opened it exclaimed, "OH Thank you! Just what I have been looking for!" We all burst out laughing!

I got super spoiled this year! Derek was so good to me! I really wanted my talented husband to make me the pottery barn farmhouse bed frame and this is what I got.....

Pretty AMAZING huh? I absolutely love it, and have been working on painting the wall and a new comforter to finish it off. He spoiled me with a massage, facial, pedicure, Ipod/Iphone dock, rotary cutter and mat, and some other odds and ends. Needless to say, I was a happy wifey!

Derek always guesses what I get him every year. It is super annoying. Cuz he is always right. So I tricked him this year.... It sort of back fired on me ...LOL. So I asked him what he wanted he listed off a few things and one of them was a new wedding ring (he has lost 3 now). So about a week before Christmas I started slipping him hints. I kept saying things like, "your gift comes in a really small package" etc. So Christmas eve we were both busy wrapping gifts in different rooms, got into bed, and he goes, "Sorry Sarah, I saw what you got me, Thank you for the ring tho, I'm gonna love it!! I pretended to get upset and said, "Derek! Why did you go in there????" He said, "I didn't, HA HA!, You just gave it away!!!" He really thought I had gotten him a ring now. He had convinced himself that's what it was. SO Christmas morning I set his REAL gift out, and told him he might as well go open up his ring. It was in a small package that looked like a ring case. He opened it up and it was a Ipod shuffle touch. He acted disappointed it wasn't a ring......LOL! Needless to say he LOVES his ipod, but got a ring the day after Christmas! ha!

Before church we let the balloons go up to heaven and wish Jesus a happy Birthday :)

We went to church and had an amazing rest of the day with our little family. We are so blessed!