Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mommy's new adventure, a 17 month old, a rowdy ALMOST 4 year old, and a busy Daddy

AHHHHHH! Why have I not posted in FOREVER! And it's not because there hasn't been much happenin! We are busy little bees lately!

March 5th started a new little adventure for me. I needed to finish beauty school. QUICKLY! I started cosmetology school when I was pregnant with Brody over four years ago.....EEEEEK! I'm not quite sure what I was thinking at the time, but I thought after I had him, I would come back and finish. Leaving my little boy was last on my list....so here I am, 4.5 years later, on the brinks of losing ALL the Mulaaah, and 1000 hours that I already had into it (you only have 5 years to complete it before the state snags your hours up from you and crumbles them in the garbage for you to start all over!)! I really needed and wanted to finish. I would love to have a little salon someday when I grow up (well maybe when my kiddos grow up a bit:).

BUT, the last thing that I wanted to do was leave my sweet babies. This has literally been the hardest, most challenging decision I have ever made. Everyday is SO SO SO challenging for me. I never dreamed it would be this hard for me :( I literally feel like my world was tipped upside down :( Going from being a stay at home mommy for over 4 years, to basically having a full time job overnight. UGH. I miss my babies SO SO SO bad, it hurts ALOT. I cant believe it. BUT, after many sobbing nights, a face full of acne, and MANY MANY long talks with my supportive hubby ( I only wish I was exaggerating on all of those), I know that this is the perfect time to finish up. I am so lucky to have my WONDERFUL father-in-law tending my babes while I finish up. I don't even know if they know I'm gone most of the time. They spend their days on bike rides in the canyon, LONG hours on the tramp, and most recently, tending the garden. Their "Bunny" is the light of their lives, and the light of mine lately too :) I am so thankful for such a selfless man to drive up from Salt Lake EVERY week to play with our munchkins while I'm at school... I'm Lucky, I know. What else would a retired man have to do, right???? LOL....So thankful am I.

OK, OK. As painful as it is, I am having tons of fun. I love doing hair, and I love the girls. I am so grateful for the opportunity to finish and to have the full support of Derek, cheering me on everyday :) I am thankful also, to realize how lucky I am to be a stay at home mommy.... I literally took it for granted. UGH. Never again. I will always be thankful for that. As much as I like girl time, I love being with my babies more. I am SO excited for October to come so I can go back to that :)

A couple snapshots of my little farmers in action :)

And my most favorite place to be:.....

And check out this babe

Is she not the most kissable thing you've laid your eyes on? YUM! She is growing WAY WAY too fast! she is now 17 months and just popped through toother number 5. She is a jabber mouth, but doesn't say too much clearly. She loves to jump on the tramp, play with Hudson, and is a severe Momma's girl (I am not complaining :) She has mounds of curly hair that I love!

And this little slugger is as wild and crazy as they come. I cant believe he will be four in a month! Where does the time go? It is soooo sooo sad that the time babes are babes is soooo short.... Shouldn't they be little forever? I think so! This little guy is as fun as ever. He says the funniest stuff, and makes us chuckle daily. He still thinks I'm as pretty as they come, and I'm sure the heck not gonna tell him otherwise:) Not a day goes by that he's not telling me how pretty I am, how cute my earrings are, or "Mom, that shirt is beautiful on you." AHHHH! One day he even said, "Mom, you just look so sexy today!" I thought that might be a little much, so I explained to him that maybe only Daddy's should say that word, and I like being "pretty" better :) LOL. He is also very good at telling Bray how cute she is. He is such a good little boy.

P.S. Yes, you will be seeing this little slugger on the fields this year, and he couldn't be more excited! And either can his Daddy.