Sunday, April 7, 2013

December Happenings :)

I am trying to enjoy the last few moments I have with just Brody and Braylee. It will be so different to have 3, I'm sure.

Brody has been so good to me lately. He has been good to Bray, playing really well with her, and helping me so much. I am so thankful for such a sweet little boy in my life. I don't know what I would do with out him...

Seriously, I have the best little boy ever... Not only did he feed Bray her entire bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch while I wasn't feeling well, but he poured her a glass of milk and put a bib on her. I love him more than words ❤

Here is my 34 weeker! Our little girl is a kicker, so Im not sure who is more excited for her to come out, her or I. 
 This year we started a little tradition and Santa's little Elf helper showed up on our doorstep. The kiddos named him Charlie and read the book over and over again to make sure they understood all the rules: No touching Charlie. Be good. Charlie will be watching you. Charlie did some really funny things and hid in some really cool places. The kids were SO excited to find him every morning :)

Just a sitting and a waiting..... Got toes and fingers painted and still nothing! 

 Braylee is so sweet with babies and stuffed animals. She takes the best care of them!

Brod and Bray are getting so excited for Christmas, especially after they received their yearly box in the mail from Grandma Donna. She carves them a new ornament every year to hang on the tree. They LOVE it!

Brody and I decided to build a snowman and he turned out great!

We were also able to have our favorite friends over to play:)

My sweet neighbor and friend Lisa took some Christmas pictures of the kids and they turned out soo CUTE. I am so lucky to have her to capture this precious moments in our lives. She also is an ultrasound tech and got me in for a cute 3D session with baby sister! She is soo cute and we even saw some hair! I think she looks like Braylee did, especially in the lips :)

 I never dreamed how much I would love being a mommy. I never dreamed I could be so happy. These little people make my life complete, and I'll never be more grateful to my amazing husband for the opportunity he gives me everyday to be with them. This Christmas Season is such a wonderful reminder of what truly matters. I love my family. ♥ Merry Christmas!

And....her little boy is one of our favorites! Braylee's little boyfriend in the making!

This little boy also had a birthday party, that was the funnest ever! His little construction crew....

Braylee is the sweetest little girl. She is the most tender hearted little thing I have ever met, and gets her feelings hurt pretty easy. Her Daddy has a very soft heart for her. Braylee leaned over to her daddy while laying next to him in bed, whispered in his ear and said, "you're my best friend that I ever saw, such a sweet Daddy..." Those are the sweet moments I never want to disappear ;)
She is also just as excited for Christmas as I am!

We also got to meet our newest cousin McKaylee. The kids loved her so much! Especially Braylee. She was in heaven!!!These two are gonna be the best big brother and sister ever! Loving on their new baby cousin ♥

Our little Cowboy!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


So November started off with us celebrating Braylee's 2nd birthday! Wow, I cant believe how fast time goes! She is the sweetest little gem. We decided to go down to Utah to celebrate with Grandpa Bunny. We opened gifts the first night. She loved everything she got..

Since we were traveling I had to go to the grocery store to get her a cake. Spider cake it was!

While we were in Utah I was able to go get my hair done and spend some time with my bestie....:)

We also got to visit temple square... It is so beautiful this time of year!

Braylee also got to take a bath in Grandpa's sink. It reminds me of when we lived there for a few months when Brody was about 8 months.

Then we got to go to Uncle Cade and Aunt Jenny's home and spend some time on the ranch. It was a fun filled weekend for little Braylee..

Derek is continually working on school and doing so well. He never fails to make me laugh or smile. One of the things he said lately that made me laugh goes like this...
One of the many reasons my husband is my soul mate and the love of my life: his sense of humor :].... While battling a little chest and head cold this week, I had a little coughing fit. After I stopped, a minute or two went by and he nonchalantly says, "you really should switch brands." I usually am pretty good at picking up on his dry sense of humor but ignorantly said, "switch brands of what?".... After looking at his smirk I figured it out, and anyone who knows how much I hate cigarettes can appreciate the laugh I got :) ♥

Braylee Jade also got a sparkly pair of Toms for her birthday and wears them morning, noon, and night. 

She also got a new winter coat and loves the fur sooooo much!

I am feeling more and more prego and the best outfit lately is a pair of Derek's sweats and a shirt of his :) I am getting more and more excited to meet our little girl!

Brody and Bray continue to play so good together! I walked into the kitchen and saw Brody and Braylee putting make up on each other.

We also started decorating for Christmas a titch early.....! Braylee and Brody got so excited when we got their trees up in their rooms :)

Braylee has been keeping me entertained saying the funniest stuff..
Mommy: Braylee, you're so pretty...
Braylee: No, I'm not so pretty....
Mommy: YES you are, you are sooooo pretty!
Braylee: No, I'm so han-some...

After giving Braylee a kiss on the forehead:
Bray: no, don't do that anymore. Don't kiss me.
Me: oh, sorry. 
Bray: you're welcome. 
Lol. ♥

Christmas is Coming!!!

Since the weather has been cooling off lately, we've been spending time having movie nights, making crafts, and making puppet shows!

Braylee is getting into the good stuff, via the pumpkin!

We also love our tradition of going to Christmas in the nighttime sky... Fireworks, bon fires, and visiting Santa filled our night!

The babies falling asleep to their Christmas tree lights.....Their Favorite.!

Brody has been so silly and entertaining :) Class clown for sure!

Brody : Ok, that's it. I gotta mean Mommy and a bratty girl (Braylee). When is Dad gonna be home?

Braylee is loving her babies more and more. They even eat breakfast with her!