Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our LiL mOnKeY is 1!!!!

Brody I cant believe you are one already! you have stole your Dad and my heart! Let me tell a little about you these days....... you are so have started to learn how to put your little head down and go for it... It is so cute:) You get followed around by any little munchkin that sees you! Everytime we go to the mall play center, church or to play with other little kids they just eat you up. they chase you and wanna feel your spiky hair! you are so good at your sign language... your dad and I just counted up your teeth and you are pushing through 4 right now for a total of love to dance..especially to rap:) You love dogs or any kind of animal for that matter, and grunt and make noises as they pass by! I could go on but I'll stop...
So I put together a lil monkey birthday party for Brody at our apt out here in pittsburgh cuz none of his family could be with him on this special day:) we had about five or six other lil munchkins that came and celebrated with him and ate cupcakes with him! He was so cute, I dont think he knew what was going on. I got a dozen or so baloons for him and the other kiddos, which turned out to be their favorite, not the little gifts I got them:)

Anyway these are a few pics from the party:)!

He wants to touch the fire....:)

Saturday, May 9, 2009 we are...!

So much has been going on lately, so much that I cant blog....BLAh. But we are in Pittsburgh for the summer now and it is SOOO BeAuTifUl here!... It is very green and there are trees everywhere. It literally looks like we are living in the hills. Anyway, as for Derek he is having fun and loves to hang out with his buddies out here, and loves to play with Brody.. As for our little man Brody, he is so so biG! I cant believe how fast he is growing and learning. He is a couple weeks away from a year old and bigger than I had ever imagined. He is a pro at walking now, still going on the potty every morning, and KNows his sign language very well. He says drink, eat, more, and daddy in sign language. He also says moo everytime he sees a cow! He misses his grandpa very much and everytime I say, Where is grandpa Bunny, He looks at the door like Bunny is gonna walk through... Brody is also covered in scratchs and bruises from his explorative personality....He is very intuitive. Derek and I joke that what we are gonna get him for his birthday is a water bottle with a cap. He will sit for hours trying to screw the lid on! Ha...>I could go on for hours about this little man!

As for me, I am just busy working in the office during the morning and mid afternoon, and then trying to learn my way around pittsburgh with Amber:) We have some really great friends out here and are grateful for their friendship. But I also miss my friends back home!

I will put up pics later when I grab some time!!