Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 yEarS DoWn....4EvA to Go!

Yep, that's right, Derek and I now have 3 Fabulous years under our belts! I am so proud to call him my husband, and so glad I get eternity with him...!

So we Started this love story in November of 2005, where we met in Utah......

Derek then started his security venture and headed out to Fresno, CA in March of 2006, where I was soon to follow, doing an internship at a nearby casino :)

We were engaged May 14, 2006 in front of the Fresno, Ca temple....and our story began...

In Fresno, we had our first child.......Diesel boy :)

After that summer we spent a month in San Diego CA while Derek managed an office :0)

Security treated us Well.....we spent a week in Puerto Viarta, Mexico 10/06

Then we headed back to Boise where I would finish school, coach cheer, and was there until Dec 2006 :0)

And then came our first home together Jan. 2007 in Twin Falls ID :]-----

THE DAVIS' Est. February 3, 2010!!

Then we spent our next summer in Murrieta Ca while Derek managed another security office... beaches, baseball games, deep-sea fishing, and sun :)!!!!

After that Summer we came home and found out in September2007....

we were pregnant! Due May 21st, 2008--We were so excited that it was a BABY BOY!

We spent our next few months preparing for our little baby boy, and preparing for next security office in Miami, Florida!

At 9 Mo. pregnant, we traveled across the U.S. to Miami, found a doctor, and enjoyed sunny days with just the two of us!

And then the blessed day came, May 21st, 2008 (on his due date), Brody Luke Davis was brought into our Family :)

We enjoyed the rest of the summer in Miami, soakin up the sun, going to baseball games, and lovin on Brody.....

It was time to come home so we did...We loved the events of the next few months...Brody's first food, his first Christmas Dec 2008, and then moving to Utah for a job :0)

Although that job didn't work out, we were excited to be spending our next summer .......Pittsburgh! (Brody didn't want to leave his grandpa when we were heading out) :]

We had so much fun in Pittsburgh and thought it was absolutely beautiful...We visited an Amish community, The Sacred Grove, The Hill Camorrah Pageant, and Niagara Falls! What a great summer :)

And we were again so excited to be home :) Brody was so happy to have a bigger home to rome :]

And now, here we are, 3 years into marriage, one baby down, and forever to go :) ANd I am now a Farmer's wife!!!!! Well sort of.....Derek got a fabulous job here in Twin with Agri-Service. He is going to be so busy being the tractor and GPS specialist, and sales trainer :) He loves his job already, and I am so excited to be able to stay here in twin, maybe for the rest of my life!
And there you have it...Our little love story. Dont let this fool you, we have for sure had MANY ups and downs and trials throughout our little journey to forever. ANd I'm sure they are not over yet, But I couldnt think of a better man to go through them with. Thank you Derek for the life you have given me! I LUv YoU