Saturday, April 6, 2013

October 2012

We started off the beginning of October with our tradition of getting our Halloween tree! I love this tradition of hunting the ugliest, deadest tree, follow by decorating eating doughnuts and drinking OJ :)

October also mark the month I have been waiting for all year. I finally graduated beauty school. I couldn't be more happy and proud of my self!
Enjoying one of my last days at school, wondering why MIKE and IKE split up ;)

As I brought home and showed my family my little diploma from school, my sweet little boy Brody grabbed it outta my hands and started running around they house saying, "Daddy, Daddy!, look!, mommy doesn't have to go to school anymore!!!!! Braylee, look!!!!" ♥

Getting ready to go take my Board Exam...!

I spent the next few weeks after I graduated loving on my family and loving being home.. Lots of movie/party nights! 

Here is my prego belly at 26 weeks..... coming right along!

Braylee loves to be like her Mommy lately... Wearing my "danglyies"

Brody and Bray have been getting along pretty good lately. Braylee follows him around and copies a lot of what he does :) Best Friends :) 

We also got to go out to a pumpkin patch with some of our favorites :)

Brody and I have been practicing stuff for school! I cant believe I am saying that word. 

And we also got to celebrate Halloween! It was so fun this year having both Braylee and Brody be able to get candy and know what was going on :) They had so much fun.

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